The Sound of 3D - Self made Launchpad

Novation Launchpads are quite popular, but expensive. Due to the fact that we wanted to own one, a colleague and me crafted a self-made Launchpad.

placeholder - photo coming soon
placeholder - photo coming soon

The case is printed by a 3D printer to keep the Launchpad light.

The electric circuit consists of 25 button soldered onto a breadboard, each button is connected via a 5V voltage line and a 10kΩ resistor which are soldered to the ground line.

Next to each button we soldered a cable. Each cable is connected to an Arduino Mega, who powers the circuit and waits on every connected port for an input.

If the Arduino registers an input, a midi-signal is sent to the Computer via the USB-cable. These MIDI-signals can control various Plugins on different DAWs, f.e. FL Studio.

placeholder - photo coming soon

Cool, I want to build my own too! But what do I need?

No problem, I got you covered! To build your own lauchnpad you need…

*use more components to get a bigger launchpad

**this should be considered as a joke